After Winter Break…Now what?

After an unusually long winter break away from school, and if your child has taken a break from any academic practice, be ready to start the race!  What race?  The race toward those dreaded state tests!  This is a critical time of year, as teachers will be going through academic content much more quickly than normal in order to prepare for the state tests starting in the coming months.  Due to extreme budget cuts and reduced school days, students are going to have to work a lot harder this year.  Teachers are often criticized for moving too fast and not spending enough time making sure the concepts are fully understood by their students.  Unfortunately, the teachers’ hands are tied because they are required to get through a certain amount of material in such a shortened amount of time.  If you think that’s bad, teachers are under a lot of pressure to generate high test scores from their schools and their districts. This only takes away the time they can spend making sure students truly understand the concepts.  More time tends to be spent on test taking strategies and practice tests.  What is the result of all this?  EVEN MORE HOMEWORK!!

Tutoring, by someone new, and not at home,  is a great way to give students that extra boost of self-confidence to learn and retain the concepts.  Translation?  Better test scores, better organization and a higher level of study skills!

Is your child enrolled in an Academic After School Program?  Very few after school programs focus on homework, and most do not spend extra time making sure students are really learning what has been taught in school.  Daycares and After school Academic programs differ in opportunities and in price.  Be sure and ask a lot of questions about the benefits offered.  After School Programs that have an academic focus will save you money, stress and time in the long run, so you can enjoy your family time without worrying about homework!