Is My Child On Track Academically?

As busy and as involved as you parents are in your daily activities with work, carpool, household chores, driving your kids to soccer practice, and raising a family, you want to know if your child is learning something at school. Right? Although you ask your child at the dinner table, “So what did you learn today in school?”, the answer is always the same…”I don’t know.” Sound familiar?

There is a lot going on in the education system right now, and teachers are required to get through a lot of information in a short amount of time.  We won’t even tackle the subject of Common Core! It is really up to you, the parent, to be involved and keep up with your child’s progress.

ASK QUESTIONS! Don’t be afraid to talk to the teacher or the administrators and find out what you can do to make sure your child is on track. Unfortunately, if he/she is struggling, losing interest in school, having behavior problems, or doing poorly on tests, you may need to ask to have your child assessed.  Sadly, it may take a long time to go through the process to make this happen, but help is on the way!

BREAK THROUGH THE UNKNOWN and let Judah: C.A.R.E. Learning Academy give you the answers you need to know if your child is being left behind.

Arrange to have your child’s academic performance evaluated by a professional with a master’s degree in special education and many years of experience in the elementary classroom.

You will find out…

  • Is my child at risk in reading?
  • Is my child at grade level in reading comprehension?
  • Is my child’s writing good enough?
  • Is my child behind in math?
  • Are there any suggestions to help my child succeed in school?

Find out your child’s present levels of academic performance and take away the uncertainty, the guilt, and the guesswork.

Call 661-255-2223 and get the answers you haven’t been getting from your child at the dinner table! Help is only a phone call away!

Judah: C.A.R.E. Learning Academy